Artist Statement

Dirt I. Nils Aas Kunstverkstedsmijernsplog, porselen, rå leire 2008

In my work I alternate between being a performer and a teacher in the visual art didactics. The works presented in this article reflect sensory experiences and memories as the basis for my art practice. The attractive and the grotesque are united in my porcelain sculptures; witch often deals with social and gender issues. I choose body-related objects as a motif, in order to create a dual attraction appealing both to our sensual and intellectual imagination. The activity signified by these objects is sharply contrasted by the fragility and beauty of the porcelain, and gives room to a range of discomforting associations. I try to make a perfect industrial appearance of the sculptures, to distance them from the reality the object derives from. My intention is to underline the level of ambiguity in my sculptures that are both esthetic and urgently uncomfortable. (Gunhild Vatn)


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